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Jenna Martin

Level 1 Stylist

Meet Jenna Martin, a dynamic cosmetologist with a flair for the creative and a strong business acumen. Jenna began her academic journey at St. Charles Community College, earning an Associate's degree in Business, which paved the way to her graduation from The Salon Professional Academy as a licensed cosmetologist. Her illustrious career includes working at prestigious events such as New York Fashion Week and the STL Fur and Leather Fashion Show, and she is eagerly preparing for her debut at Paris Fashion Week 2024.

When Jenna is not styling hair and mastering beauty techniques, she enjoys a vibrant personal life filled with family, friends, and her boyfriend. Her passion for fashion, hair, and makeup extends into her leisure time, where she often explores the latest trends through makeup tutorials. Jenna is also an avid hobbyist, engaging in activities ranging from crocheting to sketching, fashion designing, paddle boarding, and traveling. Her enthusiasm and eclectic interests make her a beloved member of our team here at Shear Studios.

Jenna Martin
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