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Welcome to Shear Studios!

Hey beauty enthusiasts, mark your calendars! The buzz in West County, St. Louis is all about the grand opening of Shear Studios in late June. This isn't just any salon; it’s the realization of a dream for the owner, Sherrie Anderson, affectionately known in the beauty circles as Shear Sherrie. From snipping hair in my childhood home to styling in the Air Force, this journey has been anything but ordinary!

Dream Big, Live Bigger

My story is one of passion turning into reality. After years of transforming looks, I'm now unveiling our own piece of paradise, Shear Studios. Picture this: luxe vibes, chic décor, and a vibe so inviting, even your hair will feel at home!

What’s on Offer?

Shear Studios isn’t just about getting a trim. It’s a full-service luxury salon that brings you the crème de la crème of hair and beauty treatments. Whether you're looking for the silkiest hair color, the lushest extensions, or the most relaxing scalp massages, this new salon is your new go-to spot. And let’s not forget the exclusive range of L’Oreal and Balmain products that will make your hair flip with joy!

Join the Festivities!

The grand opening promises to be a spectacular affair with live demonstrations, exclusive promotions, and a few surprises that I'm keeping under my hat. Expect to mingle with the best tressed in town and get a glimpse of what makes Shear Studios a cut above the rest.

Set your reminders for late June, and don't miss out on being part of a beauty revolution in St. Louis. Shear Studios is not just opening its doors; it's opening a new chapter in luxury beauty services! Stay tuned, stay stylish, and remember – at Shear Studios, it’s not just a haircut, it’s a highlight of your month!

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